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Book Advita to speak at your next event! 

Advita Patel is an international communications, confidence and culture expert. She's spoke at more than a 100 events internationally and has delivered tailored workshops to clients across the globe. If you want Advita to speak at your next event get in touch to enquire on how she can support. 

What Advita offers as a speaker:


ReBel Ideas

Advita will bring the latest thinking and reserach to help delegates think differently on how they may approach challenges. 


Advita shares engaging stories to help build connection with the audiences so they feel inspired, motivated and connected. 

Real Talk

Advita speaks from the heart and keeps it real for the audience so they leave with practical and useful information.


Advita tailors every talk, workshop and session to ensure it's relevant for the audiences and the client achieves the outcome they are after.

Join Advita every Friday for Rebel TV

Every Friday, at 11.30 am (GMT), Advita hosts her own Rebel TV show where she interviews guests from around the globe who are doing interesting things differently. 


Thanks for your enquiry, we will be in touch very soon

My mind is still whirring after that pheonmenal talk.
I loved every minute of that confidence talk. I know what I need to do
"If they don't trust you they don't hear you." What a mic drop moment. You were fantastic. 
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